In the automobile assembly workshop, almost most of the actions of the operator will be directly or indirectly exposed to the vehicle body paint. Once the car paint is not discovered in time after it is scratched and worn, the assembly is completed and entered the sales market, and consumers will raise questions after finding out. Thus the automobile manufacturers have to recall and rework, even if the corresponding rework is found in time during manufacturing. The rework will result in a huge waste of labor costs and material costs for manufacturing enterprises. Therefore, it is particularly important to use car surface protection covers in the automobile assembly line to ensure the integrity of the paint surface of the vehicle.
Throughout the entire automobile enterprise (such as Changan, Honda, Ford, Volvo, FAW, etc.) is generally apply the automotive assembly car body protectors in assembly line,  which can effectively avoid the entire manufacturing process assembly employees and body paint surface contact, reduce car paint bumps, scratches, by the assembly tools and other accidents.

SUNRISE car shield is mainly used to protect the front bumper, rear bumper, front fender right, fornt fender left, front side sill right, front side sill left, rear side sill right, rear side sill left, quarter panel left, quarter panel right, and so on for paint protection. SUNRISE is striving to offer the solution about paint protection during assy process.