SUNRISE, a leader in automotive assembly body protector, was originally established in 2008 in China. Over the years, we have achieved more than 100 projects on our belt and cooperated with many customers in the global market. With a commitment to continuous improvement with new innovation, our product line is always expanding and adapting to meet the needs of assembly plants across the world.

Our company is divided into head office and manufacturing workshop, with 50 employees. The core team is R&D center team , which include raw material and product testing team. The main task for R&D team is to improve product performance to meet customer needs. Our production line is divided into mold machinery workshop, material extrusion line, thermoforming line, trimming line, sewing line and finishing line.

INNOVATION is what we stand for. With the new era of automobile design and assembling requirement, our R&D team is also constantly innovating and improving their design concept. We highly recommend our magnet less concept as our priority solution to meet customer needs. Based on this, our body protector can improve your assembly plant's efficiency by increasing output and reducing costly rework.
创新是我们的理念。 随着新一代汽车设计和装配需求的到来,我们的研发团队也在不断创新和完善产品的设计。 我们强烈推荐我们的模具无磁系列,作为满足客户的优先解决方案。因此,我们的汽车保护罩可以提高汽车主机厂总装车间的产量,降低因为车间意外事件而带来的返修率