Automobile Assembly Body Protector-Rear Side Sill (Moulded)

Molded protectors/covers/shield consist of two main structures, the outer layer and inner layer.

This type of body protector is a combination of a solid, SUNRISE formulated LDPE as outer layer, laminated with SUNRISE IXPE formulated foam and thermoformed to the required shape.

As we know, different resin formulations may have different performance in product strength and toughness. So, through our team's continuously innovation, the outer layer have the obvious advantages in flexible with balance of stiffness.

For the inner layer, due to the self-developed unique blend in foam, our product can highly avoid surface scratch and impact.

Besides, special requirements can be added on the product such as velcro strip, logo, pocket for documents, project name, model, position, tools & RFID tag and so on.



这种类型的汽车车身保护罩将坚固的由SUNRISE 配方的 LDPE材料 作为外层、与 SUNRISE IXPE 配方的泡沫层通过热成型,模压成所需形状。

众所周知,不同的树脂配方在产品强度和韧性上可能会有不同的表现。 因此,通过我们团队的不断创新,使产品达到了软硬适中的特性,坚硬的外层既可以抗外力冲击,柔软的曲线又能完美贴合车身部位。


此外,与汽车车身保护罩模具系列一样,可以在汽车车身保护罩布料系列上添加一些客户定制需求,例如魔术贴条、logo、文件袋、项目名称、型号、位置、工具和 RFID 标签等。