Automotive Body Protector-Rear Bumper (Fabric)

Fabric body protectors/covers have two layers, PU leather and IXPE foam. That is, PU leather is laminated with SUNRISE IXPE formulated foam, which can fit the bumper and other parts of car excellently. Also, the same as molded protectors/covers, special requirements can be added on the fabric protectors/covers such as velcro strip, logo, pocket for documents, project name, model, position, tools & RFID tag and so on.


汽车车身保护罩布料系列由两层结构组成:PU 皮革和 IXPE 泡沫。 也就是说,将PU皮革覆合到SUNRISE独家研发的IXPE配方泡沫层,能使汽车车身保护罩完美贴合保险杠及其它车身其它部位。 此外,与汽车车身保护罩模具系列一样,可以在汽车车身保护罩布料系列上添加一些客户定制需求,例如魔术贴条、logo、文件袋、项目名称、型号、位置、工具和 RFID 标签等。